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How XpertVR Is Changing the Face of Traditional Research With Virtual Reality

PhilNote: What XpertVR does is definitely not unique, but the story gives a good description of the service.

Using Virtual Reality for Market Research

XpertVR-TeamOne of the biggest challenges in traditional market research is creating realistic test environments. Due to budget and time constraints, companies often fail to deliver ideal testing scenarios, which leads to less than accurate data.

That’s where virtual reality comes in.

Evan Sitler CEO & Co-founder XpertVR

Evan Sitler, CEO & co-founder of XpertVR

XpertVR uses immersive solutions to simulate stores, retailers, and many other user experiences, without having to build physical assets. From consumer behavior research to product A/B testing, the startup can create a variety of simulations to fit the needs of their clients.

“VR has made the data research traditionally collected much more abundant as well as less cost-prohibitive,” Sitler said in an interview. “Because of this and the far wider range of ideas that can be tested in VR, researchers are starting to focus more on the consumer’s experience.”

Pushing the Limits of Research With Virtual Reality

XpertVR builds custom applications, which are compatible with different VR headsets and software platforms. For example, they made an immersive environment in Unity to test custom furniture models. They allow data collection using eye and hand tracking, audio and video capture, and other VR accessories. Moreover, they can help clients look for the most suitable hardware for any research endeavor.

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