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Kal Penn quit Hollywood for politics. Now, politics are following him back to Hollywood

PESTKQJN7ZES5DFETZZXMD4DFQInstead, he said, “Approves This Message” wants to show everyone’s perspective, comparing it to a combination of “The Daily Show” and “CBS Sunday Morning.” An episode about the environment, for example, will feature young progressives and young, evangelical Christians.

“One approaches this from science, one approaches this from faith. Both are working together for the same goal,” Penn told The News. “In this world of polarization and chaos, there are people who are tuning out all of the noise and instead focusing on ‘what do we want to get done together and how do we want to get it done?’ They disagree on every other issue but that’s OK because they’re working together on this one particular issue. To me, success is highlighting stories like that and celebrating who we are.”

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