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Virtual reality software brings super-resolution microscopy to life

So-called vLUME, created by a team from the University of Cambridge and 3D image analysis software company, Lume, enables super-resolution microscopy data to be visualised and analysed in virtual reality, and is free for academic use.

“It accelerates the analysis of highly complex 3D point-cloud data and the rapid identification of defects that are otherwise neglected in global quality metrics.”

The software features include visualization, segmentation, bespoke analysis of complex local geometries and exporting features.

According to the researchers, the package performs complex analysis on real 3D biological samples that would otherwise be impossible by using regular flat-screen visualization programs.

Results can be shared with collaborators worldwide using image and video features in the software, and the researchers are confident that viewing data in this way can stimulate new initiatives and ideas.

"Data generated from super-resolution microscopy is extremely complex," says Kitching. "For scientists, running analysis on this data can be very time consuming. With vLUME, we have managed to vastly reduce that wait time allowing for more rapid testing and analysis."

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