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“Wolves In The Walls” Launches On Oculus Quest

Fable’s forty minute VR experience, Wolves in the Walls, based on the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Dave McKean, launches on Oculus Quest today. It’s free for Rift and Quest users. The company also announced today that the star of Wolves, an AI-driven character named Lucy (voiced by Cadence Goblirsch), is going to be extending her presence to the real world via social media platforms, emails, texts, voice and Zoom calls. Users can sign up to be her friend. A real world friend. “It’s not like virtual Instagram star Lil Miquela, who pushes content at you. And not like a voice assistant. It’s like a real friend,” Cofounder  and Executive Producer Edward Saachi told us in an interview on Tuesday.

“This is friendship as an infinite game, like Roblox or Minecraft,” says Wolvesdirector and Fable Cofounder Pete Billington. “You can talk with Lucy. You can even play games with her.” At first, only a few hundred people will be able to connect and form a relationship with Lucy. Users interested in experiencing this new form of social entertainment can apply on the Fable blog here

See the full story here http://wolves-in-the-walls-launches-on-oculus-quest/?sh=49c610744c3d&fbclid=IwAR39YrlhJ7WWgLPCihtFrYDIsM2xN3uaJhtrWomoa-I_BoWQy_2T8gBYyYk

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