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Tokyo’s Hello Kitty Land employs use of Israeli technology to remain open

SOMPO will be employing's technology into use within the leisure and entertainment industries in Japan by motoring the health of workers amid the pandemic, hoping to filter entrances into the workplace, malls and even theme parks.

SOMPO developed an application using's technology named Health Checker, which allows smartphone users to check vital signs using photographs taken of a subject by the phone.

The company’s solution monitors an individual’s heart rate within seven seconds, oxygen saturation within 10 seconds, respiration rate within 30 seconds, and heart rate variability within 45 seconds. Within 90 seconds, the app can also assess mental stress levels.The technology, as explained by the company, relies on the simple and long-established optical technique of photoplethysmography, often used in pulse oximeters or “finger clips” to measure blood flow. Rather than shining a light beam into body tissue, the company’s technology analyzes the reflection of light that returns to the camera from the cheeks.

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