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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Viewers Not Impressed With Augmented Reality Balloons

 Fans who are watching the various streams of the Parade have like noticed that some of the balloons are not physical balloons, but instead augmented reality balloons, and while there are some positive reactions, many aren't thrilled with how they look onscreen, leaving with a rather negative impression, and you can find some of the bigger reactions below.

They aren't close enough to the real balloons to be seamless, especially in the bigger examples, and some fans just aren't digging it. They much prefer the traditional physical balloons, which thankfully still make up most of the balloons at the parade.

"It is this weird uncanny valley version of the parade. Filmed in advance over three days with augmented reality nonsense instead of actually balloons? Hosts trying to pretend they are still presenting to a large crowd. Just very jarring and altogether unpleasant."

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