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Opteran Technologies receives $2.8M to develop an AI honeybee brain

 Opteran Technologies, has just raised $2.8 million to build AI systems modeled on honeybee brains. 

Marshall told Digital Trends, “If you’re going to start building a model of any brain on the planet, why on Earth would you start with the most complicated one?”

Thinking Small

In the tech world, big ideas are usually what earn the biggest payday. However, it’s clear that thinking on a large scale is slowing down the process of AI development. Marshall and his team believe that focusing on smaller, more attainable goals is the key to eventual large-scale success.

That isn’t just a hypothesis. Data has already proven that honeybees are good problem solvers. Researchers from the University of London found that bees solved the traveling salesman problem faster than the world’s top supercomputers. The test requires the bee or computer to find the shortest route between flowers that are discovered in a random order.

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