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New artwork uses artificial intelligence and gaming tech to create worlds

You could stand immersed forever in a new artwork at the Christchurch Art Gallery and never see the same thing twice.

In just one brief glimpse, three large projectors show a computer-generated giant egg with legs running precariously across a surreal and colourful virtual landscape. Then a figure with a polka dot face and a 1980s video projector with a head enter the scene and collide with the egg.

In Kahoots, a collaboration between artists Sean Kerr and Judy Darragh, is a humorous, surreal and surprising artwork that uses video game technology to immerse viewers in a self-generated virtual world.

Kerr used the artificial intelligence and machine learning functions of software designed to make video games to create a work that seems to have a mind of its own.

Live feeds from the virtual world are projected on three large walls in an exhibition space at the Christchurch Art Gallery. A fourth wall is covered in reflective foil and LED signs in the middle of the room feature animated flames.

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