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At CES 2021, These Haptic Gloves Could Change Virtual Reality Training Forever

A Dutch start-up, SenseGlove debuted its new haptic feedback gloves at the opening of the all-digital Consumer Electronics Show (CES) today, January 11, 2021.

The new gloves, SenseGlove Novawere designed explicitly for professional virtual reality (VR) training purposes. The haptic gloves use a stretchable, easy-to-put-on material that enables smooth hand tracking that allows users to more easily feel shapes, textures, stiffness, impact and resistance in VR.

The glove has four “brakes” for four fingers from the thumb to the ring finger, with each ‘brake’ delivering up to 20 Newton of force. This force is equivalent to the weight of a 4.4 pound (two kilograms) of brick on each finger. According to SenseGlove, this makes for unparalleled force feedback.

Citing Ford Motor Company’s decision to begin using VR to connect designers to inspect vehicles from home as part of remote collaboration under the stay at homework orders, den Butter says that haptic gloves like SenseGlove Nova improve immersion in these simulations.

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