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An augmented reality shopping boutique is here

Machine-A, the London-based concept store, is using augmented reality to recreate the in-person experience lost over the past year amid lockdown, as fashion’s adoption of AR widens.

To enter, a QR code scan prompts a digital rendering of a sales floor where customers can explore and view the Autumn/Winter 2021 collections, unfinished pieces and personal messages from the designers sharing their inspiration or personal views on the future of fashion. 

 “We wanted to raise awareness for the brands that we are carrying, especially in this period of time when the store is shut and London Fashion Week is taking place digitally.”

The rollout of 5G connectivity and more convenient accessibility via QR codesis also propelling the technology into the mainstream, says Leanne Elliott Young, co-founder of IoDF. Consumer usage is also on the rise, with 71 per cent stating they would shop more often as a result of AR tools, according to Deloitte.

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