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The Spot 625 offers virtual reality dining experience narrated by comedians

Quantum Virtual Entertainment, owned by both Lynch and Gregory Nies, teamed up to open The Spot 625 and create a virtual reality dining experience in a secluded room of the restaurant. 

The Spot 625 opened this fall in Syracuse with the intent to bring a lot more to the table than just food. The new restaurant proposes a combination between food and virtual reality, creating an immersive dining experience like no other in the area. Guests purchase tickets to the VR experience and order their meal before arriving at The Spot through its website. Food options vary from pasta to beef, from chicken to seafood. Customers should note any dietary restrictions.

Despite the challenges, both owners explained that, as of now, the recently opened restaurant has been a success and that they are excited to see where it takes them in the future. They have a lot of ideas, they said, including introducing movement to make the experience even more immersive.

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