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Zoom Is Getting Ready for the Dystopian Hellscape of Working in the Metaverse

As part of its Zoomtopia 2021 conference, Zoom announced its first move into virtual reality. Zoom’s Whiteboard gives workers the ability to collaborate more effectively online, and the company plans to split it off into its own standalone service. As a result of this, it’ll become available in Facebook’s Oculus Horizons Workrooms. You, your co-workers, and your computer-generated avatars will eventually interact with one another in a stark white virtual conference room. Instead of a mouse cursor, you’ll use your hands to pan around the whiteboard, according to the preview images. Sounds... great.

The company is aiming automatic live transcription support for 30 languages by the end of 2022. The transcription engine will also include translation for 12 languages for paid accounts by the end of next year, though there are no specifics on which would be first. 

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