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Virtual Reality ‘Wild’ Trek, With Reese Witherspoon

 wild-articleLarge-v2It is a three-minute, 360-degree, virtual reality encounter with Ms. Witherspoon in character as Ms. Strayed, as she lugs her backpack through the trees and plunks down next to the viewer.

She is skinny, scruffy and almost eerily present.

Soon, Ms. Witherspoon turns to look at the viewer. Or, more properly, through the viewer. Turn right, and it is clear she is staring at the memory of her mother, played by Laura Dern, who appears where seconds earlier there was only a rock.

They trade words. Ms. Witherspoon ambles down the trail, now behind the viewer, who can turn and watch her go.

“For us, it was about the intimacy,” said Félix Lajeunesse, a Montreal-based virtual reality artist. He and his business partner, Paul Raphael, directed the sequence, which uses no computer-generated effects.

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