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Useful nuts and bolts VR articles

The Nuts and Bolts of VR Content Creation

Recent Articles and Videos

As part of the ETC’s effort to build community and accelerate the advancement of promising entertainment technologies, I have assembled (below) descriptions and links to useful pieces addressing the nuts and bolts of VR content creation.
I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this list;
Eric Hanson, xRez Studio
Robby Kushner, Red Bull
Christina Heller, VR Playhouse
John Gaeta, LucasFilm
Rob Bredow, LucasFilm
I would appreciate your feedback on the list.

If you have read, seen, or heard anything about the nuts and bolts of VR content creation that you think is worth sharing with the VR community, please send me a link to it.

Thank you,
Phil Lelyveld
VR/AR Initiative program lead

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In the Blink of a Mind
- a series by Jessica Brillhart, Principal Filmmaker for VR at Google

VR Cinematography Studies for Google
- by Michael Naimark
- seven studies exploring ways to capture people in VR, including things to think about in the process of doing it.

VES March 21,2016 event - Post Production, Parts 1, 2, 3
- three 45-minute presentation videos moderated by Sony’s Scott Squires, VFX Supervisor and Developer, Pixvana

Storyboarding in Virtual Reality
- by Vincent McCurley
- a good brief summary of basic concepts

The VR Experience Logline process
- by David Nelson, USC Mixed Reality Lab and ICT at USC
- David is developing a VR counterpart to the loglines used to summarize films.

The Storyteller’s Guide to the Virtual Reality Audience
- by Katy Newton, Karin Soukup
- Five Take-aways
1. Reality is constructed - Once the audience pokes a hole in reality, they have already fallen through it.
2. Having a body means being somebody - There is no such thing as a neutral observer.
3. Looking is doing - For better or worse, the audience directs their own gaze.
4. 360° is less than 180° - The more there is to see, the less the audience remembers.
5. 360° is more than full circle - The more complete the environment, the more it resonates.

The Problem with Reality
- Oculus StoryStudio
- Managing position and gaze within the tracking volume of a walk-around experience.

Exploring Methods for Conveying Object Weight in Virtual Reality
- by B-Reel
- creative agency B-Reel’s staff used combinations of visual and haptic cues to test methods of conveying a sense of weight.  At the end of their report they add; “When we chose to add sound to this exercise, we didn’t think much of it. But it turned out to have a huge impact on how our testers perceived weight. The thuds of heavy objects hitting the ground or rubbing against each other reinforced the differences in mass.” (July 25, 2016)

The Swayze Effect 
- by Oculus Story Studio
– “Story is King,” but “Presence is VR Magic”
- this short article describes how Oculus Studio studied the balance between narrative and presence. “[Their VR film] Lost showed us that not acknowledging the viewer can create a considerable gap in connecting with the story and action. Henry showed us that acknowledging the viewer is powerful but can contradict the intent of the story being told.” (Nov. 18, 2015)

GoPro 360 tutorials

Five Theories of Motion Sickness Triggers in Virtual Reality
- Voices of VR podcast interview with Jason Jerald, PhD
- this podcast and book by Jason Jerald describe five theories being researched (some already dismissed) regarding the underlying cause of SimSickness (July 19, 2016)

The Future of Virtual Reality, Luminaries Panel 
- GDC (Game Developers Conf.) 2016 March 24, 2016 (53 minutes)

Google IO / Google Daydream
- a one-hour talk covering lessons in prototyping in VR.  The presenters discuss process, based on 50 projects in the last year.

  1. Rapid exploratory protoyping
  2. Iterative production-oriented design
  3. Building VR design teams

Pieces discussing or illustrating interesting ideas

Sense of Presence: The Future of Virtual Reality 
- a 5 minute promo piece on the potential of VR (from Epic Games and Unreal, Oct 27, 2015)

Photogrammetry/HTC Vive Showcase
- a 6 minute silent piece beautifully demonstrating different use cases with photogrammetry in the Vive (Feb. 19, 2016)

NewFrontier: 10 Year Anniversary at Sundance
- a 4 minute overview and celebration of VR at Sundance 2016 (Feb, 2016)

A Way To Go 
- a 6 minute piece demonstrating CGI interactivity in a 360 live-capture VR experience.

Storytelling in Virtual Reality
- a 5:30 minute preview of Visionary VR’s product development vision
- at the 2:15 minute point they describe their plans to develop a PreViz tool for managing the passive, active, and interactive parts of a VR experience. (Jan. 4, 2015)

How Facebook Is Preparing for the Virtual Reality Boom
- a short article on VR file distribution, resolution, and related issues (Jan 21, 2016)

Virtual Reality in Sports Poses Unique Challenges for Producers 
- recent experiences from Jaunt, NextVR, and IM360 (Variety, July 12, 2016)

Robot provides haptic feedback in VR 
– short video showing the potential of using robotic arms for a more complete haptic VR experience (July 24, 2016)

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