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Law, virtual reality, and augmented reality

imrs.php-2Stanford law professor Mark A. Lemley and I have just finished a draft of a new article, “Law, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.” It’s still early days in the development of commercial VR and AR, and even more so in the law of each. But we think that the shape of the technology is clear enough to speculate about the legal issues that are likely to arise.

You can read the current 64 page draft of their 6-part article here:

A word about my coauthor: Mark is probably the most-cited scholar of his generation, and certainly one of the two or three top intellectual property scholars and law-and-technology scholars in the country.

Our article primarily aims to identify the interesting coming questions, and outline some possible answers. We will sometimes suggest which answers are best, but that’s not the main value that we seek to add. Rather, we simply hope that, by thinking ahead about such matters, all of us can better decide how to better develop both VR and AR law and VR and AR technology, and perhaps also learn something about the role of law in the physical world as well.

See the full news story here:

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