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Gravity Jack’s PoindextAR tracks objects’ smallest details for augmented reality anywhere

poindextar_carburetor_mock_wideThe method is of course proprietary, and the company declined to reveal their patent-pending secrets to me. It’s not extracting a silhouette (my first guess) or using any kind of depth mapping — unlike something like Microsoft’s HoloLens or Google’s Project Tango, it works with ordinary RGB cameras on ordinary smartphones and tablets.

A lot of that covers the usual promises made on behalf of AR, but being able to do it without markers, in a variety of lighting conditions, with very low latency and high accuracy — that’s something plenty of companies could use today in everyday applications like maintenance and training.

That’s why Gravity Jack is focusing on industry to start: plenty of companies have heard about the potential benefits of AR, but those benefits tend to be in the hand-wavy near future.

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