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Augumenta Introduces Cloud-Accessible Studio Tool and Templates for Augmented Reality Application Development

Augumenta, Ltd. is making it easier to develop Augmented Reality (AR) applications with the introduction of Augumenta Studio. The cloud-based tool allows developers to quickly design AR applications for smartglass-equipped workers using pre-built templates, libraries of control elements such as meters and gauges, and Augumenta's virtual surface tools and gesture-control software.

The company is showing how Augumenta Studio is used to build applications for the Augumenta SmartPanel running on the ODG R-7 smartglasses system. Additionally, the company is showing its upcoming Augumenta SmartAlert template, which is optimized for use cases where workers use monocular display smartglasses like the Vuzix® M300.

ideo demonstrations of the application templates are here: and a short video about the Augumenta SmartPanel is here:

See the full story here:

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