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How virtual reality pushed AR Rahman towards ‘multi-sensory’ filmmaking

how-virtual-reality-pushed-ar-rahman-towards-multi-sensory-filmmakingNow it’s Rahman’s turn to make his directorial debut with Le Musk, which is being touted as the world’s first virtual reality “multi-sensory” feature film. Unsurprisingly, it is technology that drew Rahman to films. “The (VR) technology is evolving and everybody is doing experimental stuff with it. I found the technology exciting and I had a story. I felt that my story would come out beautifully in this technology,” explains Rahman.

This time, though, he’s gone beyond music. “I had the right partners for the film, including Grace Boyle of Feelies, who is helping with the set design by providing the element of smell, and Intel helping with the technology and also the Voyager (VR) chair; for the cameras I have tied up with Radiant Images of LA.

Marry a great story with high technology, and you have Baahubali 2, the film that is making box-office history.

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