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Augmented Reality Technology: A Student Creates The Closest Thing Yet To A Magic Ring

Nat Martin set himself the problem of designing a control mechanism that can be used unobtrusively to meld AR displays with the user’s real-world environment. His solution was a controller in the shape of a ring that can be worn on the user's finger. He calls it Scroll. It uses the ARKit software platform and contains an Arduino circuit board, a capacitive sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, and a Softpot potentiometer. Scroll works with any AR device that supports the Unity game engine such as Google Cardboard or Microsoft’s Hololens.


Scroll gives you the same types of control over digital objects that you have with a mouse. You locate objects on a 2-D screen by moving the mouse; you locate virtual objects in real 3-D space by pointing with the finger wearing the Scroll. You scroll on a screen with the mouse’s scroll wheel; you scroll in virtual space or move objects closer and further away with a thumb-operated scroller located on the side of the ring. You select objects and carry out actions on a screen by clicking the mouse buttons; you do the same with Scroll by opening and closing your fingers in a scissor motion.

According to Martin’s website, he has a working wired prototype and a nonfunctional brass model designed to let people see what a final version might look like. A consumer version lies somewhere in the future

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