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This art exhibition will have augmented reality cocktails that shift before your eyes

When you look at Artechouse's cocktail menu through your phone, words and images might leap off the page and swirl around. The exhibition around you could be visible inside your drink. It might even look like someone else is taking a sip.

That's the plan for the interactive art space's upcoming augmented reality cocktail experience, opening Sept. 20 along with its new exhibitions, founder Sandro Kereselidze said. People already have their phones out for the space's super-Instagrammable first exhibition, “XYZT,” which closes Sept. 3. Now, their phones will become a critical part of their visit — it's how they'll view part of the exhibition.

Artechouse, 1238 Maryland Ave SW. $10-$15 during the day, $25 at night.

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