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Duckpocalypse review: Duck Hunt reimagined for virtual reality

141919-games-review-duckpocalypse-official-screenshots-image2-hxmpkcw8noWe don't generally take the time to review cheap and cheerful games, but Duckpocalypse is something special that hit us right in the nostalgia zone. It's like a smart reboot of gaming classic, Duck Hunt, but with a twist - it's in VR.

Available for Oculus RiftHTC Vive and Gear VR, Duckpocalypse only costs a couple of quid.

The premise of Duckpocalypse is simple: you spawn in a wooden hunting hide with two pistols and a scoreboard. Shoot down as many of the angry robots ducks as you can in a short time limit.

See the full story here:

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