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A Cute Augmented Reality Angel Became the Face of Arcona’s ICO Campaign

81787fa8cf06e186398462cd04ec927fArcona integrates the virtual and real worlds, providing a link between an augmented reality layer called the Digital Land and natural landmarks on the Earth’s surface. The project will allow users to position and manage content remotely. Arcona’s ICO is scheduled to take place from January 25 – February 25 with pieces of Digital Land starting at just $1 per square meter.

The first digitized zones will appear next year in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Rome, Mexico City, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Barcelona. It is planned that a layer of AR will cover the Earth’s surface by 2019.

Arcona will operate as a peer-to-peer network and an open marketplace, where producers and consumers of AR will exchange resources and pay for services using the platform’s internal tokens. Users will be able to sell content, software and the AR Digital Land layer via Arcona’s online platform.

The project is based on blockchain technology to increase transparency and identify who owns what, as well as who controls transfer rights. Through Arcona, Piligrim XXI will make its unique remote positioning algorithms and other technologies available to owners of the AR layer free of charge.

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