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Amazon Debuts Intel-Powered DeepLens Camera to Teach AI

AWS_DeepLens_CameraOn November 29 at the AWS re:Invent conference, Amazon Web Services introduced its AWS DeepLens, a video camera whose main purpose is to teach developers how to program AI functions. The camera comes loaded with different AI infrastructures and AWS infrastructure such as AWS Greengrass Core and a version of MXNet. Developers can also add their own frameworks like TensorFlow. The 4-megapixel camera can shoot 1080p HD video and offers a 2D microphone system for recording sound, in the form factor of an action camera on top of an external hard drive.

Digital Trends reports that, “the camera system uses an Intel Atom processor fast enough to run deep learning algorithms on 10 frames in one second,” and “the 8 GB of memory houses both the pre-stored code along with custom algorithms.” The system could also potentially use cloud computing, via Wi-Fi, for “algorithms too large to run on the internal hardware.”

Use cases include face and object detection, activity recognition, artistic style transfer.

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