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Technology and Hollywood Meet Up at Fox Innovation Lab

the-martian-virtual-reality“A number of years ago, we internally pitched the idea to management that on a small scale we should start an innovation lab where we would have the opportunity to work with external technology partners, as well as different groups within the studio, to test new technologies, to essentially try to create for ourselves the future of entertainment and next-generation entertainment,” says Danny Kaye, exec VP and managing director, Fox Innovation Lab.

The Lab is working to advance HDR’s capabilities with HDR10+, an open, royalty-free HDR technology featuring “dynamic metadata,” which more precisely adjusts content to the capabilities of different TVs.

“Scene by scene and even frame by frame, that movie is being adjusted to be optimized to that particular TV,” Kaye says.

That virtual reality experimentation helped result in this year’s creation of an entire new business unit at the studio, FoxNext, which not only works on VR, but on video games and also theme parks.

Fox Innovation Lab now also has its eye on incorporating artificial intelligence, or machine learning, both in the entertainment production and distribution process and in the content itself.

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