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Lumus shows off the latest of its increasingly tiny augmented reality displays

147a1086The company builds what are called reflective waveguides. The interesting, rather sleek pieces of display technology rely on microscopic etchings in transparent glass lenses that catch light being projected into their edges. While these systems are limited in how much of a viewer’s field-of-view they can fill, they are unparalleled in the small form factors they can reach and will likely be what powers your first pair of smart glasses.

The company gathered headlines recently as it reached a deal with Quanta, a manufacturer used by Apple, to begin building AR displays. The Israeli company has raised $57 million from companies including Quanta, Alibaba and HTC.

In a moderately sunny room, the waveguide displayed images of a rocket that was bright enough to nearly block out the real world person that was walking in front of me.

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