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CES Reporter’s Notebook: Paramount Brings ‘Downsizing’ to Life With Augmented Reality

downsizing_still_2_embedParamount’s Downsizing got the augmented reality treatment at CES this week.

To help startup Mira launch its Prism augmented reality device — which, like the Samsung Gear VR, requires a mobile phone to operate — the studio helped Mira create a unique AR experience using assets from the Alexander Payne film, which is based on the premise that people may downsize themselves and their world to save money and control overpopulation.

Paramount futurist Ted Schilowitz explains that users see trailer material in the headset and can select and "downsize" certain items that appear. In following the film's theme, the experience ends by displaying how much money the viewer would have saved with the downsized items.

The Downsizing AR experience can be viewed at Mira's booth on the show floor at CES, where the company is launching the Prism system and making it available to developers.

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