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The Huawei VR2 is a stunningly comfortable virtual reality headset

00097.MTS.00_00_02_01.Still001-edUnlike the original Huawei VR, this is a standalone unit that hopes to take on the likes of Oculus and Vive, not the Gear VR. You don't slide a phone inside, instead you connect a phone, tablet or even a PC to it via USB-C. Then you can enjoy your virtual worlds in glorious 3K -- that's a resolution of 1,600 x 1,440 per eye. And thanks to the 90Hz refresh rate, eye strain and motion sickness should be kept to a minimum. I tend to be particularly sensitive to VR sickness but felt fine after about 20 minutes split between two demo stations.

The controller was made of the same bright white polymer as the headset and should seem familiar to anyone that's used a Gear VR or Daydream headset before. There's a small clickable touchpad at the top, a home button and a back button below that and a trigger on the underside.

Huawei has lined the entire inside with soft fabric stuffed with plenty of cushioning.

Unfortunately, there's still a lot we don't know about the Huawei VR2, most importantly a price or release date.

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