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The Wall: Samsung Wows CES Attendees With MicroLED TV

CES_2018_The_Wall_MicroLED_SamsungIn Las Vegas this week, Samsung is showcasing its first MicroLED consumer television. Dubbed “The Wall,” the 146-inch, bezel-less, 4K TV is modular, offering consumers the ability to customize its size and shape by adding or removing sections without affecting image quality. MicroLED’s self-emitting tech uses millions of micro-sized chips that individually emit light, which eliminates the need for color filters or backlighting. If one day affordable, this tech could replace LED for consumer TVs and lead to wallpaper screens. The Wall by Samsung is expected to be available later this year, although pricing has yet to be announced.

“On a wall screen, you can watch TV, designating any section or portion of the display to act like a TV,” McQuivey noted. “But the rest of the wall can continue to display other things: family memories, simulated decor, or the avatars of family members watching remotely.”

OLED does not require backlight, one of the primary reasons its blacks and overall picture quality look so impressive. MicroLED aims to take this quality to the next level.

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