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Blockchain at CES: Evaluating the Tech’s Hype and Potential

CES_2018_Halsey_Minor_VideoCoinBlockchain technologies could also prove a potent solution to drastically reduce piracy by certifying ownership, identity, and licensing agreements. An Austrialian company, Veredictum, is building a platform that proposes to do just that.

Veredictum claims the ambitious goal of reducing “film and video piracy by 80 percent within 10 years.” Their Ventana tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain via a smart contract. They are currently in the token sale process.

One company looking to leverage this model to disrupt the video industry is VideoCoin (CEO Halsey Minor pictured below). VideoCoin is deploying a decentralized video encoding, storage and content distribution network to enable video streaming. Built on a distributed storage system, it incentivizes users to make their compute resources available for encoding chunks of video that can be stitched together to minimize lag and maximize video quality.

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