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Expert View: How Technology is Making Us Rethink the Way We Think

Tech-Trends-Expert-View-Virtual-Reality-Consultancy-Alice-Bonasio-The-merging-of-perception-and-simulationMichael. E Porter from Harvard Business Review says that “By superimposing digital information directly on real objects or environments, AR allows people to process the physical and digital simultaneously, eliminating the need to mentally bridge the two.”

” The ultimate computer, for me, is this mixed-reality computer, where your field of view becomes an infinite display, where you see the world. And you see virtual objects and holograms. That’s definitely what we are building today with HoloLens” , says Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

Immersive Tech invites us to use “space” around us as a medium to interact with technology. The advent of technology like Magic Leap – a game changing mixed reality headset – will trigger a new way of looking at space and content, because we are designing the spaces with which you think: spatial computers .

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