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Don’t be AI-vil: Google says its algorithms will do no harm

googleai-01Google has created a set of principles for its artificial-intelligence researchers to live by—and they prohibit weapons technology.

The company has created a set of seven principles for its artificial intelligence researchers to live by—and they prohibit weapons technology.
An AI code of ethics: Google’s new guidelines prohibit it from helping develop autonomous weapons in future, but leave sufficient wiggle-room for it to benefit from lucrative defense deals. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced the new code in a blog post yesterday.
The principles state... Google’s AI should:

  1. Benefit society

  2. Avoid algorithmic bias

  3. Respect privacy

  4. Be tested for safety

  5. Be accountable to the public

  6. Maintain scientific rigor

  7. Be made available to others in accordance with the same principles

Some background: The announcement comes in the wake of employee protestover the Department of Defense’s use of Google’s AI to improve the accuracy of drone strikes, among other things.

See the 7 principles in detail here:

See the story here:

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