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VRstudios raises more cash to expand location-based virtual reality technology across the world

Dave-Busters-VR-Simulator1The Seattle-area startup reeled in another $2.2 million from investors. The company confirmed the new funding but declined to provide information about investors.

Founded in 2014, VRstudios is gaining traction with nascent VR technology by providing access to room-scale multiplayer VR experiences outside of the home. The location-based entertainment company has deployed 64 systems across 14 countries. Its latest installation happened this week at 112 Dave and Buster’s locations, where customers can play the new Jurassic World VR Expedition game.

VRStudios is one of many new up-and-coming virtual reality startups in the Seattle area. Others include PixvanaHaptXPlutoVREAL, Against GravityEndeavor OneNullspace VR, and many more. That’s in addition to larger companies like Microsoft, Valve, HTC, and Oculus that are developing virtual and augmented reality technologies in the region.

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