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Zero Latency offers advanced wireless technology and motion tracking for older players, while Sands Cotai Central’s Planet J theme park caters to all ages.


Zero Latency Macau, located in Broadway Macau in the Cotai resort area, is a 200-square-metre (2,150-square-foot) VR game space where up to eight players can play together at the same time.

Despite actually playing on flat ground in the real world, your mind is fooled by what you see in the VR world, as if you are really walking uphill, downhill and even upside down.

Do not be disappointed if you are too young for these immersive VR games, or if you want to bring along your young children.

The solution is Planet J, the 9,300-square-metre live-action role-playing theme park at Sands Cotai Central, which welcomes gamers of all ages.

It comprises eight themed zones, with 200 game installations, augmented reality (AR) and VR gaming facilities.

Throughout the game, players are adventurers whose mission is to save the Magic Stone Kingdom from a mystifying dark power.

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