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AT&T will support Magic Leap’s augmented reality glasses, once they actually exist

Screen_Shot_2017_12_20_at_9.11.24_AM.0.pngAT&T will provide mobile data service for Magic Leap’s augmented reality glasses, the company has announced. The carrier is getting an exclusive partnership with the startup. In addition to selling the Magic Leap One glasses, it will let customers demo them at some stores in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco — though most buyers will likely be waiting for Magic Leap to release a still-unannounced consumer version of its product.

It notes that AT&T will only distribute the glasses once they come to consumers, and Magic Leap hasn’t offered a road map for a headset that’s mainly aimed at consumers, although it’s positioned the Creator Edition in an ambiguous space that could include them. An AT&T spokesperson tells The Verge that headsets will be available to demo in stores this year.

For people who believe Magic Leap will — as AT&T puts it — “transform computing,” this will probably conjure memories of the carrier’s exclusivity deal for Apple’s iPhone. And a consumer Magic Leap One headset is supposed to cost about as much as a high-end smartphone, with additional models that are more expensive.

Unlike with the iPhone, however, there’s no indication that you’ll only be able to get the Magic Leap One through AT&T.

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