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CES 2019 (exclusive): AARP trialing virtual reality for remote healthcare

Can virtual reality serve as a remote medical diagnostic tool for seniors, who often have difficulty accessing quality healthcare? An ongoing collaboration between VRHealth, a healthcare technology company specializing virtual reality solutions and data analysis, and AARP Innovation Lab is testing the concept.

The idea is to use sensors and VR technology to enable remote health monitoring. VRHealth's telehealth platform, available in the Oculus store, enables seniors to grant key participants in the medical process, like family members or physicians, access to healthcare data collected during VR therapy sessions. Caregivers are then able to make adjustments to treatment, potentially avoiding the need for a doctor's visit.

According to Pew Research, "nearly one-in-five (19%) Americans ages 65 and older say they had a medical problem but did not visit a doctor, skipped a medical test or a treatment recommended by a doctor, did not fill a prescription or skipped doses of their medicine because of cost constraints."

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