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CBS’ Super Bowl plans include multiple 8K cameras, augmented reality graphics, seven hours of pre-game coverage

NFL-on-CBS-832x447For the first time ever on any network at a live sporting event, CBS’ Super Bowl LIII virtual plan includes the use of a live, wireless handheld camera showing augmented reality graphics and up-close camera tracking on the field. This will allow the camera to get closer to these virtual graphics in a way that gives viewers different perspectives and angles including never –before-seen field level views of these graphics.

CBS will utilize four cameras (including the SkyCam) with live augmented reality graphics, plus an additional 10 cameras with trackable first-down-line technology. In all, 14 cameras creating virtual graphic elements that are completely manufactured will seamlessly blend in to the real environment of the broadcast.

For the first time ever on any network in the United States, CBS will use multiple 8K cameras with a unique, highly-constructed engineering solution to provide viewers with even more dramatic close-up views of the action from the endzone including possible game changing plays along the goal lines and end lines.

Beyond that, they’ll feature 16 4K cameras, 28 pylon cameras and 50-plus total end zone cameras, and plenty of super slo motion cameras. That’s a whole lot. And while using these super-high-resolution cameras may not make much of an impact for the average viewer (there are plenty of people who don’t have 4K TVs, let alone 8K), those who do have flashy new TVs should get a fair bit out of this.

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