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Mimesys Brings Its Version of Augmented Reality Video Calling to Magic Leap via Intel RealSense

giphy-13 giphy-14The release of Avatar Chat for Magic Leap One and Spatial for HoloLens during the fourth quarter of 2018 appeared to revolutionize video calling via augmented reality.

But a new startup called Mimesys, which is showing off its software at CES this week in Las Vegas, has upped the ante with a hardware and software solution for real-time holographic video calls that will be available to enterprise businesses in 2019.

Instead of representing users with avatars, the RealSense cameras and Intel-powered laptops capture participants on video and transmit the footage in real time for display via the spatial computing capabilities of the Magic Leap One. Participants can also interact with 3D content simultaneously, with their interactions combined with their holographic video.

The futuristic experience stands as another proof point behind the need to upgrade mobile networks to 5G connectivity, which would provide the high bandwidth and low latency needed to enable real-time AR communications reminiscent of Star Wars holograms.

See the full story with video here:

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