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At its biggest conference of the year, Apple quietly laid the groundwork for a pair of smart glasses

...toward the end of its two-hour keynote last week, Apple announced a handful of developer tools designed for building augmented-reality experiences.

5d0009436fc9203e9e2c3986-1334-897Apple announced three major AR tools at WWDC 2019: ARKit 3, RealityKit, and Reality Composer.

ARKit 3, announced at WWDC 2019, is focused on how people actually interact with AR.
RealityKit is a new developer tool set that offers photo-realistic rendering, environment mapping, and realistic effects such as animation, 3D audio, and motion blur.
Reality Composer is a new app that Apple built for iOS, Mac, and the new iPadOS. It lets developers build and prototype their AR experiences even if they've never built a 3D app before, thanks to simple tools like dragging and dropping.

Each of these tools — ARKit 3, RealityKit, and Reality Composer — is readying developers for a huge AR wave. It's as if Apple knows AR is going to be very popular soon.

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