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Virtual reality app trains would-be Hajj pilgrims

Labaik-FTG-10-07“For people who come to us for performing Hajj, it is important that they go through a training first,” Maqbool said.

The training camp is for three days. An instructor is present to guide the person in their choice of language, whether it is Sindhi, Punjab, Pashto or Balochi.

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Labbaik VR gives a realistic depiction of the sacred sites of the Hajj, so that when they go to perform Hajj, users can perform the rites with ease and safety.

“We have tried to be accurate down to a centimeter to give users the most authentic virtual experience,” said project developer Faisal Khalid.

The startup is currently in talks with the government of Saudi Arabia for a collaboration to take their app worldwide.

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