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Why aren’t brands using Google’s augmented reality wrapper?

SceneViewerI’m baffled by why so few brands seem to be using Google’s new AR wrapper. It’s a landmark product that allows both Apple (.usdz) and Android (.glb) augmented reality models to be inserted into a website via a single line of code.

know why people haven’t heard of the AR wrapper: Google didn’t make its function very public. My team only found out about it on a deep dive. ... It’s actually called Scene Viewer and was released back in May.

The AR wrapper also comes with a native 3D viewer. This is huge, as before we thought users would have to recognize an unknown icon to know that the thumbnail on the site is AR enabled. Now the experience just spins in front of them, like a beautiful lure, screaming to be touched. There is also an AR icon, but the 3D icon gives users a far more intuitive cue that the object is in 3D/AR.

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