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drew label. Debuts Augmented Reality App and Street Art To Famous LA Landmarks

earth-2120.Art is riding on the crest of the wave of AR technology. Artists have used canvases, city walls, and now use mobile phones as a direct medium to express their artistic vision. drew label. has the spirit of DIY and a no limits perspective. The new augmented reality app exists in a unique era of art history. This is where tech, typically bound by code, has converged with boundaryless art.

Juanita: You have 15 art installations waiting to be found all around Los Angeles. Such a great idea! There are no city permits needed for AR. There is only artistic license! Love this.

drew label.: The thing I’m most excited about with AR art is what it represents. For the first time, we can reach our audience directly. Unless you’re one of the ten big-name contemporary artists, as I am not, your opportunities to show your work to the public are so small. AR changes all that. Now, we can reach anyone with a smartphone, with no middlemen or gatekeepers restricting what we can or cannot do. Now, we’re limited only by the things we can imagine.

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