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Sony Is Launching a Location-Based Ghostbusters Training Experience in Augmented Reality

Starting this Saturday, fans who can make it to Tokyo, Japan will be able to play "Ghostbusters Rookie Training" using head-mounted AR devices.

The location-based experience will use a prototype AR headset from Sony, as well as assorted accessories, to give users the power to explore a real-world setting populated by virtual ghosts and demons.

But instead of putting users in a classic single-player situation, the users will all have to work together to accomplish a series of Ghostbuster-related tasks, all while communicating with each other throughout the AR location-based gaming space.

And in case there's any doubt about the depth of the experience, would-be players should be warned that each program is about an hour-long, so only truly devoted Ghostbusters fans should even think of giving this a try.

See the full story with more video here:

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