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Ford, Universal Pictures Partner With Holoride For In-Car Virtual Reality Experience

holorideFord Motor Company F 1.68% and Comcast Corporation CMCSA 2.36%-owned Universal Pictures have partnered with the company holoride to create an in-car virtual reality experience at Universal CityWalk.

The experience will be offered to guests for a limited time Oct. 14-Nov. 9, powered by technology from holoride, and set inside new 2020 Ford Explorer vehicles.

Once riders step inside the Explorers from a designated pickup location, they will don a VR headset and be joined by a "re-imagined, virtual Bride of Frankenstein" who's on a journey to deliver an important message to Frankenstein.

Riders will encounter virtual monsters and obstacles as part of a fully immersive VR experience with sound effects and visuals adapted to the vehicle's movements.

Holoride uses navigational data like travel route and time along with driving data from the vehicle — like steering, acceleration and stopping — to adapt the experience to match the movement of the vehicle, according to Thursday's announcement.

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