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5G means smoother virtual reality and a chance for students to birth stars

Two Cleveland schools are the first to get Verizon’s super-fast 5G connection and access to a new app, Visceral Science

Jeremiah’s school is one of only two in the entire country, both in the Breakthrough Schools charter network in Cleveland, to be equipped with a 5G internet connection that makes such an experience possible.

Brian Greene, a professor of physics and math at Columbia University, created Visceral Science as an entry into the Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge, which sought out ideas that would leverage the super-fast internet connection to improve educational opportunities in under-resourced middle schools. Greene said 5G doesn’t just make Visceral Science better; it makes it possible.

“For these experiences to work, they’ve got to be seamless when you’re in the virtual environment,” he said. “If you do something like toss a planet into orbit and there’s even a fraction of a second delay, it kicks you out of the experience. It all of a sudden feels fake. And when it feels fake, you engage with it differently. You’re no longer in a virtual world.”

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