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How Augmented Reality Can Be Used for Writing Prompts

quiver-visionFor young learners, the ability to have discussions based around the AR interaction is a powerful imagination trigger. It also prompts writing based on the inspiration those interactions produce. In terms of language analysis, the adjectives that can be used to describe a scene become more abundant once the scene becomes a moving, interactive one, and the prompts triggered by that scenario are almost limitless.

From the perspective of a character, in particular, the options are incredible.

“The learner starts with the character, and from here the character can, almost literally, be brought to life, triggering any number of associated questions and interactions which inspire added creativity in terms of writing about that character,” says Miread Shaw, an editor.

What AR Means to the Classroom

The possibilities in terms of what AR-assisted learning can bring to the classroom are breathtaking, but as with any new technology, it must be incorporated in the right way. Using the technology as part of a greater skills-based instruction is highly recommended, and it must be clear that the imagination itself is child’s alone, and is only enhanced by these types of apps.

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