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Gaming AIs: NVIDIA Teaches A Neural Network to Recreate Pac-Man

In a video released by NVIDIA, the company is briefly showing off the Pac-Man-trained GameGAN in action. While the resulting game isn’t a pixel-perfect recreation of Pac-Man – notably, GameGAN’s simulated resolution is lower – the game none the less looks and functions like the arcade version of Pac-Man. And it’s not just for looks, either: the GameGAN version of Pac-Man accepts player input, just like the real game. In fact, while it’s not ready for public consumption quite yet, NVIDIA has already said that they want to release a publicly playable version this summer, so that everyone can see it in action.

Fittingly for a gaming-related research project, the training and development for the GameGAN was equally as silly at times. Because the network needed to consume thousands upon thousand of gameplay sessions – and NVIDIA presumably doesn’t want to pay its staff to play Pac-Man all day – the researchers relied on a Pac-Man-playing bot to automatically play the game. As a result, the AI that is GameGAN has essentially been trained in Pac-Man by another AI. And this is not without repercussions – in their presentation, the researchers have noted that because the Pac-Man bot was so good at the game, GameGAN has developed a tendency to avoid killing Pac-Man, as if it were part of the rules. Which, if nothing else, is a lot more comforting than finding out that our soon-to-be AI overlords are playing favorites.

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