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Explosive virtual-reality Aborigine film wins Emmy Award

A groundbreaking virtual reality film has won an Emmy award for outstanding new approaches to documentary film-making. Collisions tells the story of Australian Aboriginals who were caught up in a series of nuclear tests by the British military in the 1950s.

The film was produced by Nicole Newnham, supported by the Sundance New Frontiers / Jaunt VR residency, and by the World Economic Forum which acted as executive producer, and gave the film its world premiere during Davos 2016. The film's director Lynette Wallworth accepted the award.

Collisions tells the true story of Nyarri Morgan. In the 1950s Nyarri was living a traditional nomadic lifestyle in the Australian outback. One day, as he wandered alone in the desert, a powerful nuclear explosion erupted from the horizon. Until this fateful moment, Nyarri's isolated people had had no previous contact with the Western world.

Nyarri had no words to explain what he had lived through. His interpretation of the most violent of man-made events was that the spirits of his land were rising up around him.

See the full story here:


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