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A Brief History Of Half-Life, One Of Gaming’s Most Iconic Franchises

Zqozq86mBTSB3BGFwiXC5W-1200-80For those unfamiliar with the series, Half-Life centers around ass-kicking physicist Gordon Freeman who, alongside a team of scientists working out of a remote research facility referred to as the Black Mesa compound, inadvertently rip open a portal to an alien dimension known as Xen. The series—which consists of Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, Half-Life: Episode 1, and Half-Life 2: Episode Two—follows the adventures of Freeman as he attempts to quell the invading alien threat alongside a band of resistance fighters.

When the original Half-Life launched on Steam in 1998, it revolutionized the FPS genre. Unlike other action games at the time, Half-Life told its story almost entirely from a first-person perspective. Instead of using cut-scene intermissions to advance its plot, Half-Life relied on scripted sequences planted strategically throughout the game. ...

Based on the footage provided and the positive responses by those lucky enough to have already gone hands-on with the game, Half-Life: Alyx could very well be a catalyst for a whole new wave of mainstream VR gaming experiences.

Half-Life: Alyx launches on SteamVR-compatible headsets tomorrow at 10am PT/1pm ET for $53.99. Pre-load your copy now so you’re ready to rock.

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