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Artificial General Intelligence will not resemble human intelligence

Fotolia-ktsdesign-112175279_Sub_370pxPhilNote: I like to summary quote.

Summary: Airplanes don't flap their wings like birds, and artificial general intelligence (AGI) will never think like the human brain, which is more complex than we imagine

My take

We are not close to "situational awareness." I see no path to an AGI that is a duplicate (and superior one) to human intelligence. Our current efforts are not much more than point solutions. Nor do I see the need. Airplanes don't flap their wings, they fly higher and faster than birds.

What I do see, however, is a third thing — an artificial intelligence that is different and superior to human intelligence. We will have the technology for this in this century. While the relentless push to AGI raises serious ethical questions, they will not moderate progress.

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